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Anti - Cliche Exercise: Polka - Pirate by Vahlent

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“Please let me teach you how to polka,” he begs his reluctant companion, who sits in her secure, encircling chair. Painfully, she relents, and he leads her onto the dance floor, shrouded in shadow, her long, black hair, meticulous on her delicate head. Her large silver hoop earrings and calf-length black boots hint at another personality, perhaps desired or imagined, but as yet unfulfilled.

She takes the first awkward steps under his lead, but quickly settles into the repetitious pattern of the dance, letting the consuming melody and rhythm take control, spinning her, with black hair flying, her full mouth open and red lips curving into a wicked smile, twirling her into another latitude, where her dance now becomes a desperate shuffle to keep from falling onto the deck of a heaving ship, rocking under the shadow of its full sails and black flag overhead. The hoop earrings, boots, and long black hair now adorn the fulfilled personality of a pirate!

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Post on Wed Apr 25, 2012 2:47 pm  WWGrace

Hi Vahlent,
I like your description. I keep thinking, pirates steal things! What's she going to steal?

Thanks again for the reorganization. I finally got the link to Ann's site there... And I added a Graffiti Wall: just a place to drop a line or two to let the world know what you've been up to.

Taking a little break from the weeds now...looks like we may get some rain. I've had one outburst of the stuff since February, and need some more.

Best Wishes,

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