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Point of View (Narrative Distance)

Did you read "Decoding Narrative Distance"?

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1Point of View (Narrative Distance) Empty Point of View (Narrative Distance) on Wed May 30, 2012 11:39 pm

The topic of Point of View in Ann's workshop captivated my attention, especially the concept of narrative distance. I needed to learn more.

I found an informative (and demonstrative) essay on the subject by Dave King, called "Decoding Narrative Distance". It's an impressive piece of academic writing rich with evocative description.

I was amazed that I could appreciate an academic work (on an idea about writing!) with such a depth of feeling.

Taking a closer look at writing is very new to me, and I believe this is where the feeling of appreciation springs out. I think this essay is written by someone who has been looking at writing, thinking about it, and practicing for a long time. In reading one brief essay by an author, I felt I had encountered something masterful.

I hope you read it, and like it, too.

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If you venture to

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and select the Writing Advise tab on the left, you'll find yourself on a page of other instructive essays Mr. King has published in various journals. (I haven't read those yet, but I'll make some notes when I do!)

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