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President Obama's grassroots campaign supporters are encouraged to tell "their own story". Mine is like the President's: one of observation coupled with the power of positive beliefs.

I believe that a strong nation is one comprised of strong and healthy individuals, people who are multi-faceted, balanced and supported in many aspects of the art of living freely. Conversely, it is impossible to imagine a strong nation comprised of unhealthy people, unbalanced and projecting the character of single minded fascinations. Whether those be the single fascinations of power, pleasure or simple survival that state of focus is a symptom of imbalance. The Wall Street collapse is an example of the result of this type of unhealthy indulgence in focused complexity.

In my estimation, the current electoral process is now manifesting an aspect of this unbridled power (of money) with the response to television advertising. Romney has a miniscule lead, in yesterday's polls. I can only hope those numbers reflect the opinions of people who watch a lot of cable tv. There must be more of us who limit that consumption to over-the-air and public tv. Mitt wants to end my access to the news on Public. So, like I was saying about the advertising: it was bought by a small number of very wealthy individuals, and the election of one of those people witll further the concentration of wealth in the us, and further it's power to it's own ends. As I ponder the recent history in the states of Wisconsin and Ohio, where the power of public servants called "teachers" has been demolished by Republican governors in the name of money, I can extrapolate a horror show of potentialities for the future of the young. Imagine: concentrated wealth and ownership of the means of production. Not only the physical and the financial, but the intellectual means as well. Imagine a desperate, young uneducated workforce at their disposal. Don't forget what Clint Eastwood said at the Republican Convention: "We own this country." He was speaking to a group of people, a class, a sect of owners to which I do not belong. He was speaking to the Republican Party.

I resent the recent activities (last 4 years) of the Republican Party, specifically the sect of the Tea Party, for their efforts to confuse and debase the principal reasons we elected President Obama. With the power of concentrated wealth, the demise of freely communicated credible information has changed as we have known it. And subtly. Wittingly, or unwittingly are key ideas. Mitt's cohorts at Bain Capitol are the primary owners of Clear Channel which own a little less than 10% of the 15,000 US radio stations. It's really no wonder with the concentrated powers of this group that the "owners" have been successful in disturbing the path chosen by the American People in the election of 2008. I do not believe their actions are in the best interest of this nation.

For the duration of his first term President Obama has had the interest of the citizenry at the heart of his actions. We are glittering tribe of diversity and acceptance; the un-oppressed free people; the people of the contemporary melting pot; we, of the earth and of conscience, and us, with faith in our own abilities. I often remember him saying, in the midst of the Wall Street implosion, "I can not fix this by myself." What have I done? What have you done? Can it be enough? Is it good?

--to be continued....

love from grace.

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