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A Facebook Like, and a Letter

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I see you like Romney and Ryan.

As a member of your family, I gotta say, I'm sorry that they have managed to confuse you. All of the advertising that you may have seen has been paid for by a few wealthy individuals and corporations that don't care a bit about who they hurt or what they do to the world: as long as they make a buck, or billions. Their agenda will concentrate wealth further into their greedy fists, and because job 1 is to end the Affordable Healthcare Act, when people have no protections there, we will become more desperate. That's when it becomes really great for them, because desperate people will be glad to work for low wages and no benefits.

I know your heart is good, and you are sweet, and you are smart. Don't be sucked in. The jobs thing that the Romney campaign is jamming into everyone's head is bologna.. President Obama is doing a good job there. He fricken' saved Detroit. I drove out to visit Mom, and saw a thousand windmills in the midwest, and it was beautiful. Did you know that US Carbon Dioxide emissions were at the lowest level for 20 years? This is the result of energy policies (wind, clean coal, solar investments, home energy programs) of the administration.

The war in Iraq has been wrapped up for some time now, and Afghanistan has a plan for closure. I believe that Obama will work for a peaceful world, and preserve the treasure of culture in the middle east. Although it is not my culture, the history of the Persian Gulf is the essence of the worlds' history and to destroy any more of it (like Iraq) is a holocaust of culture and history waged against those specific people. There is nothing to be gained by disrespect.

I cannot express to you how deeply I feel except to say it makes me cry. President Obama did the things that we elected him to do, and a small group of people (who incidentally own a large share of the media) are lying and convincing the people of the US of those lies. The job rate has been increasing steadily for 32 months. And what about that?? You have a job, right? I don't know anyone who has tried who hasn't found work. My daughter) is doing work for Apple.

The way we were going was a self serving fast track of gluttony, greed and disregard. That was the US lead by the Republican party, and they made the big fat mess that President Obama has to some extent been able to clean up. It was a mess of minds, a mess of business, a warring clan who lied about weapons of mass destruction...of course I can go on.

Why, while we have a glimpse at beauty now, would you want to go back to filth?

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