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It's Grace writing!

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1 It's Grace writing! Empty It's Grace writing! on Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:38 am

I really like being called Grace, so I am keeping the name. I realize how much I value communication with like minded, positive and playful people; creative people, and people who take the risks involved with trying something new. That's you, and me.

This is a cool forum template. I have discovered that on our profiles you are able to send emails or personal messages to other members. You are also able to control that function. There's a lot of control and a lot of capacity to communicate here.

I live in Boulder, Colorado. I ride my bike, and I garden. I stay at home much of the time. I had a brain injury and have trouble when I go "out into the world". I have trouble with lights, and busy-ness. If I don't show up here for a week, don't worry, I am just taking a break, and resting up. I'll be back. If there's some problem with the forum, send me an email. I am more likely to check that, than signing in here, if I am not feeling well.

The past 2 months have been the most social for me of the past 8 years. I owe great thanks to everyone in class who shared their thoughts, insights and efforts with me. It has meant a lot.

I hope you have fun with this forum, and I hope you will help it to grow.

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